Free Courses

Flash Beginners Tutorial Tutorial Course (Course not complete yet)

This tutorial course is for begiiners who want to learn how to use flash

Create A Photoshop Template Tutorial Course ( 12 Tutorials )

This is a good tutorial for people wanting to create a template inside of photoshop

Slice And Code A Photoshop Template Tutorial Course ( 16 Tutorials )

Learn how to take your photoshop template and slice it up. Next we will code the template with css and html. This is recommended by 1stoptutorials as important to beginners learning web design.

Create A Website With Dreamweaver Tutorial Course ( 19 Tutorials )

In this course we will create a website from scratch with dreamweaver 8. No experience is needed. We create a basic website by using tables

Create A Css Website Tutorial Course ( 21 Tutorials )

Learn how to use css and put together a website page just using code. I would recommend doing the code photoshop template tutorial first

Create An eBay Template Tutorial Course ( 12 Tutorials )

Learn how to create an ebay template from scratch. Don't pay a lot of money having someone create it for you. This tutorial course will go through ever step to have you up and running in no time.

Create Your Own Ebay HTML Store Tutorial Course ( 16 Tutorials )

Learn how to create an html ebay store, custom the look to whatever you want and make yourself that bit more proffessional


Create A Members Area Tutorial Course ( 10 Tutorials )

Learn how to add a members area to your website and have your own private area just for your members. This is a bit more advance but nothing you guys and gas can't handle

Photoshop Beauty Retouch Tutorial Course ( So far 22 Tutorials )

Learn how to retouch images the same as magazines. In this course we go over lots of techniques so you can take your images and make them more professional

Other Free Tutorials

Photoshop Tools Tutorials ( 22 Tutorials )

We will go over each tool in photoshop and i will show you how they work along with there shortcut keys

How To Make Images Zoom (2 Part Tutorial )

This is a great script to make your images zoom when somone clicks on the thumb.

How To Add A GuestBook (1 Part Tutorial )

Add a guest book to your webste to allow your friends and customers comment on your site

How To Add A Forum To Your Website (4 Part Tutorial )

This is one of the most common questions i get, so here is a four part tutorial on how to add a forum to your site.

How To Add A Shopping Cart (1 Tutorial )

Add a free shopping cart to your website. This is a simple to use html shopping cart, no java or php needed

How To Add A Spry Drop Down Menu In Dremaweaver (4 Part Tutorial )

Learn how to use a great function in Dreamweaver cs and that is a dropdown menu. I will show you how to add it to your website

How To Create Free Newsletter (2 Part Tutorial )

In this two part tutorial learn how to submit your newsletters to your customers with this free script

How To Validate Your HTML And CSS Code (1 Tutorial )

In this two part tutorial learn how to submit your newsletters to your customers with this free script

How To Check Website in mulitiple Browsers (1 Tutorial )

Learn how to check your website in multiple browsers


How To Use Meta Tags (3 Part Tutorial )

Using meta tags is important, watch the three part tutorial and learn what they are and where to add them.

How To Use A Form Mail (1 Part Tutorial )

With this tutorial comes the free script. Learn how to make a contact form and then use the php script to get it sent

Learn About Web Hosting

Learn about hosting and what it is. I use godaddy and I will talk about it

Learn About Domains

Learn about domain names and which ones are the best to buy


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