What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is very simply, the name of you website, here is an example : www.yourname.com. It is the place that people will find your website. A domain name is allowed a maximum of 63 characters (not including .com, .net, .org). A domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen (“-”). You can use numbers or lowercase letters. Buying a domain name is very easy, it is getting the name that you want that is a bit harder because you want a name that relates to what you are selling.

Where to buy a Domain Name?

For all my domain names, I always buy from GoDaddy I have been buying hosting and domain names from them for a good number of years now. They provide a good and professional service. GoDaddy allows you to pay via credit card or Paypal, which makes my life easier when buying a Domain Name. It costs $10.69 a Year which in is nothing really.

What name to buy?

When it comes to buying Domain names, think of a name that is relevant to your business for example, if you where going to sell toys then something like “toyshop.com” or “buytoys.com” may be a good name because people will remember it and it tells people what you are selling, plus it is easy to spell.
If you choose a name like ”weselllotsofdifferenttoys.com” , it can be very confusing and allows room for spelling mistakes, also a name like ”afkornspfdeg.com” is not so good either because of spelling mistakes, poor search results, and it may be difficult to remember.
So think good and hard what you want the name of your Domain to be, otherwise you will end up with 10 domain names just like me

How to check if my domain name is available?

Checking to see if a domain name is available is very easy, simply go to GoDaddy and you will see the 'enter a domain name' area, like in the image below. Type in the name you want to search, don't type in www at the beginning GoDaddy already have that set up for you. Then choose if you want and then hit search, or you can just type the Domain name you are thinking of in the ADDRESS BAR area, at the top of any open Web Browser Page.

Check Godaddy Domain Name

Once the results come back it will either tell you that the name is available like the image below

Godadddy Domain Name Available

or it will tell you that the name is taken like the image below. As you notice it gives you some alternative names to the right, these names are close to what you chose in the beginning.

Godaddy Domain Name Taken

If you are happy with your Search and that is the name you want, simply go to the bottom of the page and you will seeProceed Button, click on that and just follow the instruction given.
If you encounter any problems, simply select ‘contact me’ and I will try my best to help you as quickly as possible.

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