Website Add Ons

Now you have a general idea on how to build your websites lets make them a bit more fun . Below you can learn how to modify images and forums and chat rooms and many more. Please keep checking back as i will always be adding more to this fun page. If you are wanting to learn how to do something then please feel free in contacting me. Thanks Everyone

How To Make Images Zoom
Learn how to make your images zoom by using this simple script.

How To Add A Forum
Want to add a forum to your website? learn how to do it

How To Add A Drop Down Menu
Learn how to add a drop down menu in dreamweaver cs4 the easy way.

Free FormMail Script
A Free formmail script to add to your website.

How To Add Search To Website
Learn how to add a search function to your website with this free script

How To Upload Files With FTP
Learn how to upload your website to your hosting

How To Add a Guestbook
Learn how to add a guest book to your website

How To Add A Shopping Cart
Want to add a shopping cart to your website learn how to do it

How To Use Meta Tags
Learn how to use meta tags. Learn why using them is important

How To Create Free Newsletter
Create and send a free newsletter with this free script

How To Validate Your Code
Learn how to validate your html and css code to make sure it is clean

How Check Website In Browsers
Learn how to view your website in different browsers

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