How to Promote Your eBay Store

Author: Vickie Sayce

Other than a lack of feedback restricting bids, the most common problem that new eBay businesses have is a lack of promotion. Having great items that are packed and ready to ship does not make people start bidding. If you do not promote your store, no one will know that you (or your items) exist. After all of the time you put into your store, you cannot afford to skip out on marketing your efforts.

Promoting your eBay business does not have to be time consuming or expensive. You can start by adding information and links about your eBay business to all of your online correspondence. You can do this by creating an online signature for your emails (or by simply modifying an existing one). Look for instructions on how to do this from your email account. If you post in any online forums, you can also add a link to your store in your forum signature. These are simple and effective means of getting the word out there about your new eBay venture.

You can also make both digital and hard-copy (print) fliers that you can pass out on websites, marketing forums, or around town in grocery stores or at work. These fliers should include the name of your store and the type of items that you sell. Adding a special discount code to the flier is a good way to incentivize people to look at what you have to offer.

Spruce up your "About Me" page, as well. If people understand what you are selling and why they are more likely to trust you. Include your business policies on this page is also a good idea, because that way your potential bidders have all the information they need before they place their bids in one spot. If you are not HTML savvy (it is very easy to learn and there are guides online), you can also search for eBay templates online. It is possible to find a site that will generate an "About Me" page after you input your information.

Spreading the word about your new eBay store and all of your great products does not have to be difficult, expensive, or time consuming. The more creative you can be, the better, and the more effort you put into your marketing, the more it will pay off in sold items. Just be sure to note that marketing is an on-going effort. Even if you see results, you cannot simply stop letting people know about your store. You need to inspire both new and repeat business, and marketing can always help to accomplish both.

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