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Photoshop is a multipurpose software, which is leading the graphical and designing industry as the software incorporates thousands of effects, has range of functions and facilities and can be use to create razor-sharp images and eye-catching graphical illustrations. Further more Photoshop is designed to be very user friendly and beginners will not find the software too hard and complex to master. Professional designer readily make use of Photoshop for proficient designing and illustrations. Photoshop has colossal capabilities and you can use it to create business cards, greeting cards, and posters, screen savers, web pages templates and for an assortment of other designing purposes. To get you acquainted with the use of this tool the following Photoshop tips and tricks are very useful. Not only the following tips and tricks are easy to implement but they will also help you to understand the essential logistics of using Photoshop.

Create a bold, dramatic text effect

Using the following tip you can create simple text effects, which can be deployed on websites and presentations.

·Open a new file in Photoshop (file-> new). Create simple text by using the type tool. Right click on the "T" icon in the layer palette and select the render option. Select the transparency checkbox before applying the gradient. Now double click on the gradient tools option. Make sure that you change the background color to black and the foreground color to gray. Double click on the option palette, which would take you to the option palette. Set the type of gradient to liner and select the gradient to background. Apply the gradient from top to bottom of the text choice while holding down the Shift key. Using the Shift key with the Gradient tool restrict the gradient to an even upright blend. Now you need to duplicate the layer. Select the duplicate layer options and drag this duplicated layer vertically to 3 or 4 pixels using the arrow key on your keypad. Make sure that the transparency text box is selected on. You would get a dramatic text effect and further more you can use this same tip for clip arts as well!

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