How To Code Photoshop Template

Hey guys and Gals. Ok this course is now open. We are going to learn how to cut up our photoshop template and then export it to dreamweaver where we will get into the css code and start to build this website from scratch. When it comes to photoshop templates it is very important that you learn how to code. By using css we have full control on how the website will come out at the end. If you are wanting to get into web design css is one of the most important to learn as css goes with anything, php,asp,java,wordpress,html. We will do this slow but we will do this together. If you want to learn how to build this photoshop template from scratch then click here for the free tutorial course

To download the sliced template click here (This is a RAR file).

Open up the champagne you have just completed your first slice and code course Yeah. Once you have built your template and sliced it up send me a link i will add your template website to my website for free, this is a way of me saying thank you for following me. Thanks everyone and let me know if you want something else done I'm open to all ideas.


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