How To Use Meta Tags

Over the next three tutorials we are going to learn how to use meta tags, how does google view our pages and what is google looking for. I am a great fan of using meta tags and title tags to try and help my website to get ranked. One of the hardest parts of web design is how to get your website ranked, how to get Google and other search engines to see your website. Below is the three very important tags that need to be added to your html code

<meta name="description" content=" />
<meta name="keywords" content="" />

Lesson 1

Understanding google and what google are seeing when it comes to meta tags

Lesson 2

In this tutorial we are going to get in to a great google tool, that will allow you to search relevant keywords. It is all good if you know how to add keywords but how do you find those keywords. Well google adwords has this all set up for you. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to use it

Lesson 3

Learn how to add the meta tags and title to your html page. These need to be placed inside of the <head> tag. There are a couple of ways of doing this. Please watch the tutorial below to learn how. Thanks

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