How Create a Free Newsletter

In this two part tutorial, you are going to learn how to create your own mailing list script and send your newsletters out. This is a great free script that will allow people to subscribe to your website and receive a newsletter. There are company's available that will do the same thing but this company's you will have to pay money every month for the service. This is not that hard to do and you certainly do not need to be wasting your money.

To download the script simply click here (RAR File)

Inside of the rar file there will be a folder called newsletter all you need to do is drag that out of the RAR file and add it to your desktop. Inside of the folder are three files

form.html - This is the form that will allow people to subscribe and un-subscribe
list.txt - This is a blank text file that will store your customers email addresses
script.txt - This is the script that makes everything work and will collect the information.

To learn how to use this script please watch the two tutorials below. As always any problems please contact me. Thanks Guys and Gals


Part 2

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