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When i started out in this internet world about 6 years ago i first got into eBooks I joined a Lifetime eBook Membership with Planetsms. The owner John Thornhill had a way of teaching you about eBooks, he made it very simple to understand (Which is what i needed).

I was all excited about setting up my first website, i looked around for hosting and found so much available that i wasn't sure what to buy. I didn't understand the packages so i went for a cheap and good looking hosting. I joined up and paid for 1 year. To start with everything went well I was reading up about FTP and trying to work out how to upload files to my hosting. One day i took a look at my website and it didn't come up, there was an error page, i contacted the web-hosting company asking what was wrong. Three days later they emailed me back saying they where having a few problems and that they would be back up soon.

After 1 week and everything wasn't up i sent him an email saying that i was moving on as his hosting was no good, i asked for a refund as he didn't provide the service that was stated. He refused to give my money back to me and said i had done a contract. I ended up moving on to a few different hosting accounts until finally i found Godaddy.

I have been with Godaddy for about 4 years now They have a great customer service and there hosting is never down. I send all my customers to Godaddy. The lesson i learnt from the first web hosting company was just because it is cheap or looks good that doesn't mean that it is. I was new to all this hosting business and didn't understand anything about it, NOW I DO and i try to help people who are in the same position as i was, because finding a web-hosting for the first time is the same as learning to speak Japanese. So the Moral of the story is GET A GOOD HOSTING COMPANY

What Is Web Hosting

When you buy a domain name and you want people to be able to see your website you need to put it on a web host. Web hosting allows you to store your HTML and image files so when people browse your website they can see your site.

Where Can I Buy Hosting

All my hosting accounts are done through Godaddy as I found they are the best for my needs.When setting up a hosting account with Godaddy, if you buy a domain name at the same time, you get the domain name for $1.99 for the first year. The basic plan for Godaddy is as shown in the image below is there economy plan and if you buy 1 year it cost $4.74 a month.


Depending on what you want to upload to the godaddy account this should be more than enough space for a generally website. If you are thinking of doing Forums or Chat Rooms maybe the next plan up would be better. Plus also choose Linux Hosting for Forums. Doesn't matter if you don't have linux on your computer.

Free Web Hosting

A free web hosting service is a web hosting service that is free, usually they offer advertisements in your website to promote there free hosting. I do not like free hosting just because i believe it does not make you look professional and the only one who makes anything out of it is the free hosting company itself. Free webhosting will provide you with a subdomain for example "www.yourname.therename.com" or "www.therename.com/yourname". All you are doing is advertising there site. I have met a few people who have done free hosting before and they say that it is not worth it because they uploaded all there files to there free hosting and then 6 months later the hosting company folded and they lost all of there information. Many free web hosts do not allow you to use a separate domain name, you can only use there domain names. For the price of $4.74 a month with Godaddy and the piece in my mind of not having to worry about anything it is very hard to compare.

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