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Hey Guys and Gals hope all good your end. Ok the time has come to offer a free service for those wanting to buy a godaddy hosting account. A lot of people ask me how to set up an account, so I thought i would offer this free service to try and make your lives a bit easier. When you are new to this crazy world of web design all of this hosting and domain name can seem foreign, here at 1stoptutorials I try to make your life that little bit easier because I understand how hard it all can seem.

All you need to do is contact me before buying your hosting package and I will talk you through how to set up a godaddy hosting account and also which account to get. I will also help you set up your formmail and ftp so you can be up and running in no time.


How Much Does It Cost?
Nothing, this is a free service.

So Why Do You Offer This Service?
I offer this service to try and make your lives that little bit easier. I have been exactly where you are now and i understand how hard it can seem getting everything set up. Just contact me before buying your hosting so i can walk you through the different accounts

How will you talk me through it?
Normally it is done through skype or msn, we will arrange a time and away we go

Do You Offer Support?
At 1stoptutorials I always offer you support in anything that you do.

What happens if I already have a godaddy hosting account?
If you already have an account and need to know something just send me an email and i will help you out.

If you have any questions or problems just contact me and i will do me best to help you out. Thanks Guys and Gals


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