Create a Website Using a Web Builder

Author: Joe Smith

Learning to build a website is not as hard as you may think it is. You have probably thought that the only way to build a website is by learning a programming language, which can be difficult to learn if you are new to it. However there are other ways where you can create a website.

You can build a professional looking website with a website builder that allows you to select the design you want, add content to your site and finally publishing your website.

If you already have a basic knowledge of HTML, you can add codes into the website builder to customize the website the way you want. Not all website builders allow this facility.

A domain name is a marker on the internet. Every site has to have a domain name in order for users to find your site. This is done by inputting the domain name in URLs.

A website builder will usually provide you with a domain/sub-domain name.

Website hosting which is also known as hosting is a service provided by a company who will host the web pages and files to a users computer. Every website is hosted somewhere. Without web hosting, it is not possible for other machines around the internet finding your website on their machines.

With a website builder, hosting will usually be provided instead of paying for it separately.

Therefore you have the choice of either learning the technical side of building a website such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or you can build a website with a web builder where you do not need to learn all the technical side of it. So if you have plenty of time on your hands you could learn the different languages, but if you are a very busy individual and have no time in learning, you could do it the easy way.

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