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Hey Guys and Gals. I have been getting some questions lately and they ask me the same thing "Who are you", to be honest i have been asking myself that for years. My name is ali baba i am from devon england. I left there 13 years ago to travel and i ended up traveling all over the world working along my way. For one and half years i lived in the malaysian jungle just me my knife and my dog. I thought i was tarzan and i was trying to find jane. I ended up in thailand about 10 years ago and i have been here ever since.

I am going to be honest with you, about 6-7 years ago i couldn't even switch on a computer. I remember buying my first computer and was all excited and i went to switch it on and there was nothing on there just a black screen. In the beginning i found saving files and making folders hard work. The reason i tell you this is because i was once a beginner, i know how hard it is to get into web design and make sense of it all. At the beginning it sounded like a foreign language.

When i first started out i was really interested in learning about ebooks. I joined a membership site called planetsms this guy ( John Thornhill ) taught me all the tips and tricks in learning to sell and write ebooks. Ebooks are a great way of letting the world know about you. I then wanted to build a web site and this is where the troubles began.

I got someone to build me my first site and he did a great job building it, the problem was when i needed support i could never get hold of him its like he got the money and disappeared. I got so frustrated that i decided it was time for me to build my own. I have to admit my first website that i built was terrible the colors where wrong everything didn't work, but i kept trying and eventually i got it.

Building websites is not that hard if you stick to HTML code to start with, i found when i got dreamweaver my whole life changed. Even though dreamweaver can look scary for the first time the thing i liked about it is that it builds the code for you, all you need is the idea. I used to look at other peoples websites and then view source so i could see there code.

The reason i do these free tutorials is that i understand and know from experience how hard this can be at the beginning, understanding where to put what. I also do these tutorials because i believe that you should not have to pay thousands of pounds and dollars to have a website built i believe that normal people like me and you can not afford it. To pay lots of money for something that you want to try and then get a problem contacting them at a later date is not good. So why don't you build it yourself. Sure you are going to make mistakes and have some not nice sites but it does get easier and before you know it you will be clicking that mouse all over the place and your fingers will be flying around the keyboard.

I am not known for being much of a writer that is why i do video tutorials, if you had to put up with my spelling mistakes everyday i would be sitting here talking to myself. I think video tutorials are a great way to learn something because you can follow along and see where the mouse is moving and listen.

If you have any questions i have a policy EMAIL ME no email or question is a stupid one, i really enjoy trying to help out. So please enjoy my tutorials and if you want to know how to do something then feel free in contacting me i will always answer.

Thanks everyone and most important of all have fun


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